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"I grew up eating Ang Ku Kueh and when i see it now, it brings back to many childhood memories i had."


"My favourites - the ku chye kueh with its delicious savoury filling and smooth skin. You can also taste the handmade goodness in the soon kueh."


"The skin is extra light, giving a bouncy feel with each bite. And the fillings aren’t a compressed mush.

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Coverage of Singapore Favorite Food Village 18th July with the a picture of our nonya platter


"Despite all the competition they are facing, despte the temptation to use technology and cheaper ingredients to make their cake, they still insist on sticking to their guts and practices. The one person they couldn't bear to cheat - the customer."


Pulut Inti Gavan tries to keep these as traditional as possible with the banana leaves which is different from the common practice of plastic.

"Every bite is such a delight to me as I am a choosy eater for kuehs!"


"The ang ku was really a hit! The skin was very soft & chewy and I especially love the mung bean filling. Couldn't resist having 4 despite it being dinner time"

Deenise Glitz

"Nothing taste better than home-made kuehs which are part of our Singapore story and our cultural experiences"


"I believe this is the type of tradition that we must preserve else, there'll ne no more HAND MADE kuehs in Singapore anymore :("

The Fatty Rie

"Lek Lim is unlike those commercialized kueh shop. I feel that they stick to their simplicity, no-frills, wanting to keep the cost down for the benefit of their customers."

Entree Kibbles

"For someone who has always insisted that his mom offers the best yam cake in Singapore and some said Batam, i am afraid Mom has finally met her match"

Dairy and Cream

"Lek Lim is a place that serves honest hand-made kuehs that can easily beat any of the factory-made kuehs we often find in the neighbourhood or shopping malls."

Purple Taste

"Lek Lim's Ku Chai (菇菜) kueh (@$0.70 per piece), has become my personal favourite. Had it right off the steamer, and its skin was super thin. In fact, I think it has the best skin!."

The Moonberry blog

"There is an old world charm when you visit the store as it is a fuss-free, functional space with a kitchen at the back where the kueh are made fresh daily at 3:30am in the morning, which are then displayed at the front of the store."


"Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery holds dear to artisan traditions and retain an element that is mostly lacking nowadays ~ The human touch."


"I can't help but emphasis on the quality and freshness of the kuehs and snacks that Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery sells."


"The fried yam cake looked so good though. I'll definitely be back to get the fried yam cake when I am around the vincinity"

For the love of ... calories & weighing scales!

"Infact, I found more hidden gems in promising ones like curry puff, yam cake and pulut inti !"

Oyster Diaries

"Gavin gave us so much food that I had to share it with the friends back in school. Everything was eaten up Gavin ! None was wasted (: "

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow

"Lek Lim impresses us that despite inflation, the prices remain affordable. This is one of the rare places that score 10/10 for value-for-money."

Nigel . Eats

"Time seems to have come to a standstill here where culture and tradition is preserved "


"And of course, not to forget the freshness in every bite of these delectable kuehs made by Gavin, his parents and the chefs "

Ms Skinny Fat

"This hidden shop has more than 48 years kueh history and they prepare all the kuehs on site."

SG Food on Foot

"It is heartened to still see traditional shop like this painstakingly doing hand made delectable traditional kuehs."

ate too much

"it's good to just go back to the basics. Nostalgia defininitely tastes good."

Strictly Ours: Food, Fun & Travel

"Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery stays true to handmaking all their kuehs"

Foody Two Shoes

"These are some of the old-school snacks which we truly miss and are glad to have rediscovered at Lek Lim."


"My experience from trying a selection of their freshly made kueh back home brought a tingling to my heart."

Milkfrost's World

"It make me feel the hard work of the ladies working behind the counter in the hot stuffy environment over long hours."

Happy Family

"Hands on for the Ang Ku Kueh make me feel the hard work they put in and to maintain the traditional way is not an easy task."

Y-Lyn's Journal...of Food , Fun & Travel =)

"Lek Lim's kueh and many other food items are all hand-made from scratch. Gavan does not believe in mass-production through the use of machines."